14088 Woodward Ave, Highland Park, MI 48203, USA
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I donated at the highland park location in Mi, i usually go to southfield but they are truly lacking. At highland parks locations I had to empty my pockets, and let the tech feel on my arms.

All new to me and i was bit annoyed at the tech speaking to me like im from a foreign country. I come back on my next day to donate and im deferred. These little techs get beside themselves deferring u for anything THEY dont like. We already get deferred if they *** up our arm, now I gotta get deferred cause they dont like my atittude?

Please get over yourself.

Now I've been waiting an hour to talk to a "manager" havent spoken to no one of authority this is ***. And yes now im pissed

Product or Service Mentioned: Csl Plasma Blood Donation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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