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Wifi is advertised yet is non-existent so you just have to sit there. And they always find a reason to *** out of your bonus!!

I donate 7 times but every time on the 8th...I have a small bruise (that they gave me), or heart rate is too high. This month they said my protein was POINT 5 (.5) too low. Are you kidding me?!? I eat meat everyday.

They day before I had steak and that day I had tacos plus I drink protein powder for the gym. I know if the plasma machines have broken down while being used on me then the equipment in the front could be off. And instead of retesting me I get screwed out of $120. I never have a problem getting that $20 but there is aaaalways a reason to turn me away on the 8th donation.

I feel I'm being scammed and will start going to the other center. College Station, TX

Product or Service Mentioned: Csl Plasma Blood Donation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Did you have a bruise from any other donation besides your 7th (for your 8th)?? If so were you ever denied for those bruises or just on your 8th?

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