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I also applied for employment at their company CSL Plasma and talked to them about working more than a contractual agreement as a paid informant and they never helped with my securement of employment. They also never assisted with securement of justice and enforced more injustices.

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Basically, I checked online for igive rewards and it said that during the month of March 2017, I would receive a $90 bonus for donating (8) eight times in a month. After the seventh (7) time, I told someone at the CSL who was next bed over.

Then, I went on their website and it said there is a $90 bonus for donating eight (8) times in a month, only in select areas. At that point, I called them and they said that because they have been paying more for people's first four (4) donations, that weren't paying that $90, except I am Zachary Marner and I never agreed to their changes or I would have gone to Grifols which is down the street.

I called them and they still didn't abide by the original agreement, like Tiffany an ex-wife. Zach Marner Aurora, Colorado Denver Metropolitan Area 469423****

Product or Service Mentioned: Csl Plasma Igive Rewards Rewards Program.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I have 7580 points I'm trying to get my son a switch but every time I go to the Igiverewards page on the first it always says $5 for 500 points help me get to the prize page thank u I appreciate it


On August 3 2018 i won a 65in tv at around 4pm that day for 7,500 points


How did u do it cause everytime I get on that page on the 1st of every month all it says is $5 for 500points help me out what do I do


scam 7/3/2018 IGIVE DEAL OF THE DAY FRIDAY AUGUST 3RD ONE DAY ONLY! Been checking all night and day.


So when they do these contests it starts at Midnight Eastern time....So where I live in MN it start 11pm central time, cause im hour behind. So I refreshed the screen over and over at about 10:58pm-10:59pm and 11pm, then right at midnight easter time a bunch of prizes popped up on the igive rewards.

I quickly bought the $100 walmart card for 2000 points. I didn't see anything knew and hour later. But this march 2019 they had another 5 day rewards thing and every few hours they posted more prizes, I got $50 burger kin card for 1500 points, they prizes were okay this time. Normally its just $5 fast cash for 500 points which is waste don't every do that if you donate regularly meaning every month or you lose your points, if you dontate every month you should save them for the 1 or 2 prize giveaways on i give rewards they do each year.

I think its random every few hours or so if the do the drawings.

I try jump on it the first hour it starts to make sure i get something, cause its limited and the stuff can sell out quick. There not enough stuff to go around for everyone so basically you gotta be quick or you may miss out.


Ho do even log in to it? They never gave me told me about a donor id


It should have been written on the envelope of your pay card or you can ask them


You ask any staff. Or when your in the kiosk you look to the top left of screen. Your number is the last 4


Well that sucks! because both the CSL centers here in Spokane gave $80-90 bonus JAN-FEB-MARCH AND APRIL That sounds like false advertising to me!


I GIVE REWARDS-WHAT REWARDS? There is never any items at the CSL online store to spend your points on except for $5.00 extra dollars for every 500 hard earned points.

When do we get to see some nice items to trade points for? Charlie from Spokane,Washington


Wow...looking back I see this IS a big problem, online store, do you even exist ??

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