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Paul Perreault, CEO, CSL Behring

Myriam Amos, CSL Corporate Federal Compliance Officer, CSL Behring

Adam Allred, Mgr., CSL Behring

Lynda Owens, Mgr. Ansofone Contact Center (Hereafter, "ACC" (Ocala(employee as a matter-of-law of CSL))

Randy Harmat, ACC ((Ocala(employee as a matter-of-law of CSL))

Joan-Francesc Pont, Attorney for CSL Behring (By Email to:

Dear Mr. Pont: After my written complaint, and after Mr. Allred has retaliated (on behalf of both CSL and Perrault) with a criminal complaint, you have responded with a "tweet", or text message. I am interested in having the suit (which, having been initiated locally against me on behalf of Perrault) removed to Federal Court so as to have you, Allred, and, above all, Perrault, standing before a federal judge as private parties. Not in the least, am I motivated to have the suit so removed to federal court so that I will have the opportunity to educate Perrault on the life of Nobel Laureate Emil von Behring.Although Nobel Laureate Emil von Behring is properly considered the father of modern serology, or immunology, the scientific genius and innovator behind Behring's work was esteemed bactirologist Nobel Laureate Paul Ehrlich. Although Ehrlich deserves the lion share of recognition for devoloping the science of immunology, Herr Behring contributed to the field something far more important and valuable than the medical science. One hundred years ago, Herr Behring convinced not only authority, but also ago the public-at-large, of the unproven saftey of injecting toxins derived from pathogens. The secret of Emil von Behring's success was not Paul Ehrlich. The secret of Emil von Behring's success was the high ethical standards he set for Behringwerke, which gave confidence to a crude prophylactic, which occassionally resulted in the deaths of otherwise healthy individuals. Some of those deaths were the result of competition with Behringwerke by unethical companies, including those from the convict-continent (Budaberg). Herr Behring pased-on the high ethical standards to his descedants at Behringwerke; and, for a hundred years, the company was internationally recognized as having umquestionable ethics. Behringwerke maintained its founder's reputation until the recent merger. It is a shame that, those from the convict-continent, who acquired Herr Behring's company, didn't also acquire the Nobel Laureate's ethics. Nobel Laureate Emil von Behring's contribution to the field of immunology is relevant both to the frivolous criminal complaint filed on Perrault's behalf against me, and to the lack of ethics of the current CEO of Commonwealth Serum Laboratories. Emil von Behring's contribution to immunology successfully saved tens of thousands of lives. In contrast, the unlawful, and unethical, conduct of Perrault, or Perrault's incompetent management, places the lives of thousands of Americans at risk (Or, in keeping with a distinction already made in this litigation, the policies of CSL places my fellow countrymen at-risk, as well as those from convict-continent). Herr Behring understood that as the CEO he was responsible for the ethics of his company; it appears that Perrault must be forcible taught the same lesson. To honor of the legacy Emil von Behring, I look forward to forcing you, Allred, and most of all, Perrault, to stand before a federal judge, should the the interests of public safety so necessitate. Public safety would so necessitate should you fail, now, to timely respond in reply to complaint.CSL is a Federally regulated entity. Filing a frivolous criminal complaint in State Court, in retaliation to a federal complaint, is a federal crime punishable by up to ten years incarceration. Herewith, notice is provide to you, Allred and, most all, Perrault, that when this case is removed, I intend to have the culpable parties so charged.Further, CSL both continues to act in contradiction to, and continues to refuse to comply with, Federal Law. Allred and Perrault irrationally claim, by affidavit, to be criminally victimized by being asked to comply with Federal Law. CSL As such, notice is herewith given that, affidavits and statements (including, but not limited to, affidavits and statements of above referenced presumptive employees of CSL), evince: That employees of the legal-fiction ACC represent themselves as employees of CSL; That said employees represent themselves as employees of CSL to all complainants; said employees falsely and fradulently convey acceptance to complaintants of compliance grievance ; That, under the direction of corporate management, said employees dispose of, disgard, or otherwise destroy,complaints and businesss records in manner that prevents review or retention of business records as required by Federal Law; That said destruction of Federally mandated business records, by said employees, taking place under the explicit direction of corporate management, is a direct violation of Federal Law; That said destruction of Federally mandated business records, by said employees, taking place under the explicit direction of corporate management, places the health and safety of the public at risk; and That said destruction of Federally mandated business records, taking place under the explicit direction of corporate management, undermines public confidence in blood products in general, and our pharmaceuticals specificly; .CSL interenet Web page

CSL's lack of corporate ethics, CSL's active measure to evade corporate responsiblity; or, to put it simply, CSL gross negligence in handling compliance complaints, continues to place at risk, directly or indirectly, the lives of thousands of Americans (Or, to be more inclusive, CSL places at risk Americans, my fellow countrymen, as well as the inmates of the convict-continent).

affidavit personnel i·tin·er·antDisgrace the name of a great man whom I've admired since childhood.

Form shareholders meeting the key toMy closing is the final analysis of Nobel Laureate Emil von Behring himself. To conclude, not the scientific, or actual, risk that blood products poses to the public itself; but rather, the public's fragile and often irrational perception of those risks, matters most in the end. The public must have confidence. Failure of the public's confidence in such products as vital vaccines shall create, or add to, enduring risk, or cataclysmic threats, of mass epedemics or mortalities. In writing here, my primary concern has been the extreme risk that the unethical conduct of CSL poses to public safety and health. But, I realize that such arguments may be out of fashion. There may be more modern arguments that implicate shared personal interests. Arguably, Emil was too narrowed minded, or old fashion, in his concerns regarding the risk to public health and public confidence in our pharmaceuticals. No, I think the better, or, if you prefer, more modern view, and more personal view, is to consider Perrault's continuing management an unacceptable risk to equity.You have seven days to respond fully, or I shall publish in the manner intimated.

Product or Service Mentioned: Csl Plasma Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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