THE WORST DONATION OF MY ENTIRE LIFE. So to start i arrived at six am and was a returning donor.

I logged in the question part and when I got my vitals the lady said id have to wait in the seating corner for 15-20 min to have a NEW physical BC it had been over six months. I waited 20 min to see a nurse. The physical took 45 more min. After that I was still willing and ready and so desperately needed the small tocken of what they call a fee, its ridiculious!

these people get paid 600-800 and upwards for one so called Pint of plasma. And whats more disgusting is they actually sell it to hospitals and other pharmacetical companies and make BIG BANK. ok so when I arrived without the new physchical i was supporse to recieve 25 dollers for my donations of 750 ML of my healthy plasma. THESE STUPID people PUT the 9 gage needle (not a butterfly like some use) but the largest thickest needle available to insert and drawout the donation.

The guy was too busy looking the oposit direction to even see he didnt push it all the way but whatever. so the whole time It went super slow bc he wouldnt push the needle a little bit farther. Ok it gets worse then after I was thru the completley untrained janitor/plasma assitant guy whoever the *** he was pulls out the needle and is so busy watching tv on the screene acroos from me that he doesnt even wrap it! BLOOD BEGINS to SHOOT OUT SO bad that another donor on the oppsite row actually was the first to say something which caught his attention.

OMG Blood had already started to SPEW EVERYWHERE sp what he does next is beyond worse lays a ppiece of scotch tape the type u tape ur kids paitnings from school on the refrigerator?! , put a tiny pieve of that and one single white gauze still does not tie it off, BLOOD still shooting EVERYWHERE, his superviser saw the whole thing, he had me sitting in blood, blood all over my hands, wrists, completely soaked my nice 30.00 blouse button down and collar, and blood was all over my seat as well as had run down into the back and got ALL OVER my jeans on the back and front so I had to literally walk out blood soaked and light headed with no paper towel , nothing didnt even attempt to help me with a tissue or paper towel. I waslked to the front desk blood completely soaked in my shirt as well as Bongo jeans (100+) dollers to buy. SO they told me 2 i would actuallly revieve 50 since I had the physchical I would be considered a new doner.

I leave and check with the MAIN receptionist she checked my balance on my card and said $55.00 was on there. Ieft went to the dollerstore to withdraw the money and GUESS WHAT, there was only 25.00! I called immedicatley and spoke to Tawanna Hill she said that they had been wrong bc it was still 14 days shy of the fulll six months to be considered anactual new doner and that she did not see ANY DOCUMENTATION of any staff whom checked my card for the funds or told me this. WHAT A CROAK OF ***.

I made out of there with 25 and it cost me over 140.00 in a new ruined blouse, a ruined pair of designer jeans( blood never did come out) and 10 in gas to get there So THANKS a lot for NOTHING. CSL PLASMA SHOULD BE shut down

Product or Service Mentioned: Csl Plasma Blood Donation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Staff are very unproffesional, Inefficient system, Pay to low for the wait times, Having blood all over me, Poor customer resolution.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Nov 10, 2017.
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Maybe don’t buy designer clothing when you need to donate plasma to make ends meet hahaha


Do you donate plasma for the money or because you are a good person? I can't tell from the importance you put on your high priced clothing.

to 23502 #1418936

Complaining about a complaint.? You need a life.

to 23502 #1419777

That's irrelevant by all counts. The company is required to provide a certain amount of professionalism and safety.

They failed on all counts for this customer. You're nitpicking a stranger on the internet over something that doesn't matter.

Who cares why, this customer's plasma will save someone's life regardless of the reason they decide to do it. Grow up.

to user36526459 #1420127

I strongly agree complaining about a complaint people need to grow up also when donating the people who do are at risk as well things can go wrong if the tech is irresponsible and cause a air bubble in line the donor could die so there does have to be level of safety and professionalism

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